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Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association looks forward to 2021

 | March 15, 2021

Ready for riding season? Get stoked by supporting the local biking and hiking trail association!

Photo credit SPRTA.

Sun Peaks Recreational Trails Association (SPRTA) is anticipating the biking and hiking season that is right around the corner and have launched their annual membership so users can travel the trails this summer while contributing to their creation and maintenance.

Last year SPRTA had its most successful season with 285 members but is hoping to crack 300 this season, said Sam Loxton, president of the organization.

By buying any of the three different types of memberships, members gain access to club events, trail building nights, group rides and more…pending provincial health order restrictions of course.

People and businesses who are looking to support SPRTA in a larger way can sponsor SPRTA, or even adopt a trail, a common practice with trail associations throughout the province.

SPRTA was created in 2014 with the goal of giving the community free access to bike and hike trails that are outside the realm of the resort’s lift accessed trails.

Typically SPRTA hosts weekly trail building nights where members can have access to tools and mentorship, and help add their own unique vision to local trails.

Members also receive perks such as discounts at local and Kamloops bike shops and are encouraged to use the 529 Garage anti-theft program.

“We’re definitely super excited anytime someone signs up. It shows that the community is really supportive of what we do. Everyone at SPRTA is a volunteer and member of the community so we’re all members too and doing this because we want to see more trails for people to enjoy,” said Loxton.

If you want to become a member, and help SPRTA add more free access trails to the community, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and buy your membership at