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Music Diva
Music Diva

Another Halloween down! Hopefully yours was as smashing as this girl’s. Not only were this year’s costumes outstanding, so was Halloween’s underground music scene.
Halloween has to be one of the most fun nights out on the town. Something about outlandish costumes and face paint bring out the extrovert in everyone, creating a truly unique atmosphere. For those of you who hit up Kamloops for the big night, hopefully you got to check out some of the great events held throughout town.
Sure there were no big shows or acts performing in Kamloops for Halloween, but for those looking for something off the beaten path, checking out the growing underground scene is definitely recommended.
When one thinks of our local area, the “underground scene” likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s out there. Kamloops’ metal and electronic music scenes have drawn in close-knit and growing communities of friends sharing the same bond: the love of music. Throughout the city, primal screams, guttural guitars, and in the electronic scene’s case, deep heavy bass are bringing out the night owls.
Not only are these year-round events relatively inexpensive but they’re also introducing local talent and non-Top 40 material, which in turn expands the personal musical spectrum. It never hurts to have more to add to your playlist.
Underground events, such as Halloween’s Freak Out at The Space and Halloween Havoc at the Little Big House—including bands such as Damned Grave, Hand of the Horsewitch and Primal Stance—are also non-corporate events. Your entry fees will go towards throwing another event, paying talent and security, space rental and clean up instead of corporate pockets. Also, the more money and people flowing into these kinds of events means they can hire bigger acts, a bigger space and more event staff—a bigger party!
The Halloween Freak Out show, held by MX Productions at The Space in North Kamloops was a great example of how your money makes better productions. The decor was psychedelically fantastic, the sound was improved and the lineup increased, including local DJs Whiprek, Disco Crisco and Dope Tito as well as resident Vancouver DJ Myshell. A variety of music was played—everything from trance, fidget, electro and more.
If this sounds like it could be your thing, keep posted for the next set of events. Check around town for posters, your local listings and Facebook—MX Productions for local electronic music events and the local metal bands for their events listings.
While I can’t argue with going to see big names at big venues it’s important to support local talent and help get the underground scene going in Kamloops. Who knows, one day the Tournament Capital could be known for more than sports!

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