Sustenance for the slopes

The winter season has arrived and many skier and snowboarders’ thoughts will be on first chair, fresh tracks, champagne powder, hikes, glades, park, rails, and the delirious feeling the start of the season brings us.

For me, the next thing on my mind is what I’m going to eat to keep my energy up for a day of play. Is it that soup I have in the slow cooker at home? Is it that granola bar in my pocket I’ll eat on the chairlift? Or is it the warm, fresh baked muffin I grabbed on my way out the door?

To take full advantage of your day on the mountain it’s important to begin with a hearty, nutritious breakfast. This helps to get your metabolism started, increases attention span and keeps you from hitting a mid-morning low, especially if you just happen to be knee-deep in the glades. A good breakfast can come in many forms, and doesn’t need to be typical “breakfast” food. Including all four food groups is optimal, but getting at least three of them is good too. Whole grains and lean proteins will help you stay full longer, and fruits and vegetables will add fiber.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a few suggestions, from the quick to the technical:
• homemade granola, Greek yogurt and cut fruit.
• poached egg, roasted tomato and toast.
• quinoa porridge with grated apple and cinnamon.
• banana muffin with almond butter and a smoothie.
• omelet with edam cheese, asparagus and avocado.
• sweet potato hash browns and turkey sausage.
• spinach, zucchini and quinoa quiche.

Really, I could go on forever.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and it’s rare when I’m not thinking of what my breakfast will be the next day, or even for the whole week.

We enjoy this spinach and quinoa quiche weekly, sometimes more; it’s delicious anytime of the day, but just happens to work perfectly for breakfast. It uses an entire package of spinach which is great since it’s highly nutritious being rich in antioxidants, folic acid, vitamin A, iron, calcium, and so much more. Quinoa and eggs are very high in protein. Plus with the zucchini and cheese, you’ve reached all four food groups in one meal. It’s truly perfection.

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