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Take care for bears

 | May 10, 2013

black-bear-at-grill As B.C.’s bears wake up with the spring, residents of Sun Peaks and surrounding areas need to again be bear aware — never go near, feed or surprise a bear.

When around the home, or camping, it’s important to remember that bears have a keen sense of smell, so removing attractants like food, food wrappers, compost, garbage and pet food is recommended. These things should be left in a bear resistant container, not in a vehicle or outside. reports that communities where attractants are managed properly have seen a decline in human-bear related conflicts.

“The responsibility to manage human-bear conflicts rests with everyone. It requires participation from all levels of government and local citizens to be successful,” said Terry Lake, minister of environment.

The most dangerous bears are those habituated to human food and females defending their cubs. On average 600 black bears are killed every year in B.C., according to  

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