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That’s a wrap

 | September 11, 2012

Publisher’s Note
The old saying, “time flies when you’re having fun,” sure rings true for the 2012 summer season at Sun Peaks. After several years of economic uncertainty and more than lagging tourist numbers in the shoulder and summer seasons, this summer came in with a bang. Bus tours, free outdoor concerts, new sporting and cultural events, weddings, conferences and the list goes on and on. Not only was Sun Peaks busier this summer than any summer I can remember but there was also a vibe within the business community as a whole that felt like we have now actually turned a crucial corner in our economic future.

It goes without saying that the several hundred thousand dollars received from the Province for off season and summer events certainly helped turn this summer into a season of wins, but the money couldn’t do much without the positive attitude of the community as a whole. All and all, this summer looks like a win. There were hits and misses, don’t get me wrong, but luckily most people don’t notice the little stuff. Other than a few rotten and sour apples in the crowds of tourists, locals and others that seem to have a holier than thou attitude wherever they are, the general vibe was, “Wow, Sun Peaks is a great place to visit summer or winter.”

Hats off to the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality for securing the much needed funding that spearheaded this hot summer season and to all those at Tourism Sun Peaks and Sun Peaks Resort Corporation that pulled off events week after week. With so many events packed into a short season you’re going to have your burps but you have to start somewhere. At least moving forward, the community of Sun Peaks will now have some direction to take in the effort to achieve the economic stability in the off season and summer seasons that we’ve strived for for so long. With a Women’s Wellness Weekend and a first Oktoberfest planned for September, hopefully our successes continue to roll right into a busy winter season. Well done Sun Peaks.

In unrelated matters I would like to say farewell to SPIN cinephile and columnist Amanda Winters whom, for the past six years, has kept our movie-watching SPIN readers up-to-date on the latest and greatest from Hollywood and beyond. Law school, work and even her husband couldn’t keep her away from her cherished movies and her in-depth reviews on so many great, and not so great, storylines. Never late and always willing to write another column, we know Amanda will achieve the best in her future endeavours.