Unique Remembrance Day for local veterans

 | November 10, 2020

Local veteran hopes to see a strong, proud and tight knit Sun Peaks community for this year’s virtual ceremony.

Last years Remembrance Day ceremony. Photo SPIN

Robin Kierstead, a Sun Peaks resident, was a medical assistant in the Canadian Armed Forces for 15 years and retired with the rank of Warrant Officer. 

For Kierstead, Remembrance Day is a time for reflection and appreciation of those she met in the Armed Forces. 

“To me, it is an opportunity to reflect on my time in the forces, and to remember my friends, some who have passed in service and those who either struggle with physical or mental health issues because of their time in service,” said Leigh. 

At last year’s ceremony Kierstead said she appreciated the connections she made with fellow veterans, friends and strangers and was honoured when people in the community would thank her for her service.

“I really enjoy the opportunity to have those connections. Missing out on that face-to-face interaction will be really different [this year].”

Kierstead hopes the strong support that was shown by the Sun Peaks community at last year’s Remembrance Day ceremony and the connections she has been able to make will continue.

“I think it’s just a matter of connecting in other ways. What’s neat about Sun Peaks being a small, tight knit community is I know I will be able to connect with friends and speak with my colleagues that are in the forces virtually,” she said.

On top of continued connections, Kierstead reminds us the day is important for many Canadians. 

“Remembrance Day is about taking time to silently reflect and be grateful for the sacrifices that Canadian men and women have made over the years for us to enjoy the freedoms and privileges that we have.”

Kierstead also recognized the Rotary Club of Sun Peaks for putting together this year’s ceremony.

“Thank you so much to the Rotary Club for organizing a virtual ceremony. I’m very pleased to see that in today’s [pandemic] an effort is being made to observe Remembrance Day. So I really appreciate the effort that’s been put in,” stated Kierstead.

For more information on this year’s virtual Remembrance Day ceremony see this recent SPIN article for more information.