Update on Sun Peaks Learning Centre

 | May 21, 2010

Teachers from School District 73’s @KOOL program will be at the Sun Peaks Lodge on Monday, May 31 to provide more information and answer questions about the program.

Specific questions for the teachers must be sent in advance to either Maria Cannon (250-578-0113) or Barb Linder (250-578-7566).

The proposed Sun Peaks Learning Centre will operate in conjunction with @KOOL to deliver a B.C.-certified curriculum taught by a qualified SD 73 educator. The @KOOL program is the largest online school in the province.

Although the Sun Peaks Learning Centre will adopt @KOOL’s curriculum, an instructor will be available on-site to facilitate and teach students. Also, students from Kindgergarten to Grade 3 will mainly follow a paper-based curriculum. The online-based aspect of the program will start from Grade 4 and up.

A non-profit education society is now in the process of being registered to be led by an appointed board of directors.

To assist the creation of the Learning Centre, steering committees have been established for each of the following sectors: education, fine arts, sports, finance, fundraising, and volunteers.

For more information on @KOOL, visit Contact Maria Cannon or Barb Linder on details about the Sun Peaks Learning Centre.