Visa changes for Australia and NZ

Visa ChangesCitizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) have implemented changes to the International Experience Canada (IEC) program for Australian and New Zealand workers in Canada for 2015.

According to CIC, Australian citizens will now be eligible for a maximum of two participations in the IEC program — one participation of 24 months in either the Working Holiday or Young Professionals category, and a second participation of 12 months in the International Co-op category — for a total participation time of 36 months. Previously, Australians could obtain up to 48 months in Canada through the IEC program.

Australians taking part in the IEC program prior to 2015 will remain eligible for a second participation of 24 months.

The Government of Canada has strengthened its ties with New Zealand, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper visiting New Zealand in November to announce an increase in the Canada-New Zealand Youth Mobility Agreement. New Zealand residents are now able to apply for work permits to Canada for a total time of 23 months, up from 12 months.

The CIC advised that their website is under review and these changes may not yet be reflected online. Head to the CIC website for more information.




  1. I was able to use the “Working Holiday Visa” to explore Oz in 1985. My Visa was for 6 months and there was a 6 month extension that I never applied for. There was also an age requirement, under 25 yrs old. I had an OZome experience, NZ also amazing and recommend any youth take advantage

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