What a gift!

I’ve just had the wonderful experience of taking part in a series of conference calls dealing with the “Three Principles”. We’ve talked often in this column about the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as articulated by Sydney Banks.

I wanted to share with you some of the insights that were revealed and experienced during these conversations. It was further reinforced, for me, that we are all the recipients of a most amazing gift . . . the gift of thought.

Forgive me if there seems to be a certain repetitive nature to the discussion of the principles. That is, in part, due to the limitation of language. There are only so many ways to talk about what is essentially simple. However do not be fooled into confusing simple with “simplistic” or “lacking in depth” because they are neither. They lead us, instead, to a profound truth about life and our capacity to deepen our experience.

When we recognize the truth that thought is the creator of our moment to moment experience we have opened a gift to which we can never again be oblivious. We may fall back into old habits of worry or judgment and be temporarily gripped by them. We may from time to time feel that an outside event or person has “caused” our upset. We may imagine that our busy schedules are overwhelming us. But we can never again believe it fully. At some level we are onto ourselves. The jig is up, so to speak. Our feelings of worry, upset or overwhelm will grip us less and we will return to well-being more quickly.

Put simply, we begin to live in a good feeling more of the time.

Some of these insights that were touched on we have referred to before. Some of them may be new to you.

Let go of the past. The only life it has is what we give it as a thought. Relinquish it completely.

Be kind to yourself. Hold out for a good feeling.

That good feeling is wisdom and love.

If we didn’t experience life as a “contact sport” how would we recognize “the gift”?
Life is our own private lab and even our worst habits can be our best learning.
Simply consider the possibility that everything might be thought.

It’s not about being perfect or happy all of the time, but going in and out of wisdom and well-being more gracefully. It becomes fascinating, watching the movement in and out without judgment, without taking it seriously.

There is a ripple effect to living the principles. As we grow in well-being, it ripples out to the people we touch. Relationships deepen, joy and gratitude become the norm, even in some of life’s most challenging struggles.

“We’re all just a thought away from a good feeling.” Sydney Banks.

I hope you will reflect on some of these possibilities. I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy “The Gift”.

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