Where do you send your property tax remittance?

 | June 19, 2011

Sun Peaks property owners may need to double check where their property tax payments are going this year.

Property taxes must be submitted directly to the Sun Peaks municipality instead of the Province, said Byron Johnson, Sun Peaks municipality’s chief administrative officer.

The deadline for paying property tax assessments this year is on July 4.

“For most people it’s easy,” said Johnson. “It tells you right on the tax notice where you pay.”

However, it could be an issue for people who have payments set up through their bank, because it doesn’t automatically transfer over.

“I think it will be prudent for property owners who are getting their property taxes included with their mortgage payments to contact their banks,” said Johnson.

Applications for the Homeowner Grant must also be submitted to the municipality and received by July 4.

Due to the postal strike, rural property owners may use the following payment options to make their payment on time:

  • In person at most banks and credit unions
  • In person or via courier to local Service BC Centres
  • Internet or telephone banking through most financial institutions

For more information, contact the municipal office: 250-578-2020.