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Whistler Naturals offers healthy, affordable skin care alternatives

 | October 1, 2012

It’s a sad irony that in the pursuit of beauty and health many of the products we use toward these goals are not good for us.

U.S. research has shown that one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, substances like degreasers, plasticizers and surfactants that would seem more at home in the garage than in the bathroom.

With increasing awareness about consumer caution when choosing beauty products, some companies “greenwash” their brand by claiming the product is “natural” or “green” without actually altering its chemistry. Other companies do eliminate the parabens or toxins that once made up their products, but with that consumers have traditionally been subjected to a hefty price tag.

Now, there’s another company with a different mandate. Whistler Naturals was begun by a trio of Whistlerites who know the toll playing in the snow, wind and sun of the mountains can take on our skin. They decided to manufacture ecologically friendly skin care products that are affordable.

“It became frustrating that more and more companies were trying to ‘green’ their labels, without actually ‘greening’ the products themselves,” says co-owner Lisa McGregor. “It was difficult to trust that the labels weren’t just trying to deceive me into believing they were actually good for me. So I set out to do something completely different—create a skin care line that was actually packed with the good stuff and not just a pretty leaf on the outside.”

Ensuring the products are affordable is a mandate of Whistler Naturals too.

“We keep our mark up really low,” McGregor explains. “At this point we don’t have a huge profit margin because we don’t want to sell anything that’s more than what we would pay. I have an expensive mountain bike, and I have an expensive snowboard, I don’t want to spend $60 on a moisturizer, I’d rather put that into a new pair of gloves. So we really tried to price everything where we’d want to pay.”

The products are made from organic-based ingredients like avocado and carrot, with active botanical cosmeceuticals like amino acids, antioxidants, and proteins.

“The preservative we’ve been using in (our body line) has been really effective,” continues McGregor. “It’s a probiotic-based preservative. In all of our research, it’s the absolute best we’ve been able to find, and we’re one of the very few companies in Canada that are using it.”

Whistler Naturals products include facial cleansers, body lotions and washes for men or women of all skin types.

Fusion North Boutique is carrying testers of the line, they’re also available as online and in various spa and retail locations throughout North America.

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