Windstorm wreaks havoc on region

The fallen tree which knocked out power to many customers. Photo SPIN

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue (SPFR) and BC Hydro crews were kept busy Oct. 25 as a windstorm which start early in the morning and continued throughout the day knocked down trees and powerlines cutting electricity to thousands of customers in the region. 

BC Hydro worked tirelessly to restore power to the area after a large tree knocked down a line near Little Heffley Lake. 

Meanwhile SPFR responded to a number of calls throughout the day related to the storm and power outage. 

In the  morning they responded to a downed tree on a property in Whitecroft where residents were concerned lines may be on the trailer they were inside. 

SPFR chief Colin Cannon said they were also paged to a number of calls for trees on wires but unable to respond as they were located outside of the response area for the department. 

“For Sun Peaks we lucked out, we didn’t seem to get a lot of the trees down.” 

Power was restored to Sun Peaks and Whitecroft after six hours while others around Heffley Lake and on Upper Louis Creek Road and Heffley Louis Creek Road contended with spotty electricity over the weekend as BC Hydro crews worked on repairs.