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You’d be a fool not to love them

 | December 22, 2010

If you happened on their show Nov. 11 at Pogue Mahone’s in Kamloops you’ll know that indie rock band The Reason, well, rocks.

I’ve seen them live at 2008’s Virgin Music Festival in Vancouver with one of the band member’s younger sisters, and it’s apparent they’ve come a long way.

Starting out as an emo-screamo band in Hamilton, Ont. The Reason has morphed a bit with each album following their debut Ravenna. Slowly they grew out of their screamo roots and into their mature-sounding indie rock present, though the trace of screamo still lingers. That’s not to say their old albums were bad, but Fools is the best thing they’ve put out to date. Things Couldn’t Be Better, their 2007 release was a bridge towards this album.

Fools was released in August this year, receiving nods and applauds from the indie rock community. The album is a testament to the band’s life on the road, with songs like “The Longest Highway Home” and “Come & Go”. Sweet-sounding pop numbers weave in and out of acoustic pieces and harder songs, with vocalist Adam White’s raspy words leading the way.

The guitar work is excellent on Fools, as it has been on previous The Reason albums, catchy and well thought out. This band is a great addition to the indie rock scene in Canada and will only continue to grow from here.

The Reason has a number of shows coming up in November and December, likely to inspire a slew of new songs about life on the road.

Fools is available on iTunes, or check out The Reason: