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Big-name event represents a job well done

 | July 16, 2012
Publisher’s Note

I’m truly overjoyed that Sun Peaks is fresh off an event (a long time in the planning and way overdue) that’s allowed us to finally turn that “just a ski hill corner” in a truly home run way.

Like any (ski) resort town, Sun Peaks has struggled over the years to find a true summer identity away from the bike park or the golf course. Don’t get me wrong, we have a world-class bike park and a fantastic golf course but these two alone will not sustain the business traffic necessary to make our town a going concern when the snow is gone. That is until you add an A-list star like Kevin Costner to your event calendar.

While I was initially sceptical that Kevin Costner’s draw power may be waning like Superman holding kryptonite and that the money being spent was too much for a one day show, boy was I wrong and happy to admit it. Funded by a Provincial government grant through the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality, this one day free concert, organized by Tourism Sun Peaks and Sun Peaks Resort Corporation, was just what the business doctor ordered. With estimates of 6,000 people in attendance on a perfect summer day, and nearly every hotel room in the village booked, this event was a Sun Peaks “field of dreams,” pun intended. All you had to do was stroll around the village to see every restaurant patio and shop busy with patrons. The smell of barbecues wafted everywhere and the day was all about music, sunscreen, comfy chairs and showing off our great resort town to thousands of newcomers.

A huge “thank you” to our municipal team led by Mayor Al Raine for making this funding grant successful and a “great job” to all the staff at Tourism Sun Peaks and Sun Peaks Resort Corporation who worked tirelessly to make this day happen.

Another highlight of the weekend was to see that all three opening acts were local Sun Peaks and Kamloops talent and not a no-name backup band touring with Costner. Local front man Peter Ernst and his band Tall Weeds, local girl Margit Bull and Sweetgrass and Kamloops rocker Paul Filek all entertained the crowds and it was nice to see them strut their stuff on the big stage.

Also, a huge “well done” to the unsung heroes that helped in front of the scene and behind it. The staff that helped park the cars, serve the beer and change over all those hotel rooms the next day, without you it could not happen.

So where do we go now? Well, with the announcement of Matthew Good for a September 1 concert, I guess it starts all over again and if all goes to plan by September 2 we’ll have had two successful large music concerts under our belt during the summer of 2012. Everything good starts small and maybe this is just the tip of things come for summertime success at Sun Peaks.