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Do you count?

 | April 23, 2010

Every smaller community in British Columbia is entitled to a Small Community Grant. The incorporated village of Sun Peaks will be no exception.

We need your help to get the proper amount of this grant for our village. You can help by ensuring that you are counted in the census that will be taken during the month of May at Sun Peaks. If you make Sun Peaks your permanent home for at least six months of the year, you need to be counted in the census.

Why is it important to be included in the census?

The Small Community Grant is based on permanent population and property assessments. To determine the population everyone counts, including children and non-citizens. The grant pays $50 per individual who resides in the resort. It peaks at a population of 5,000 and then is reduced by $25 per individual. At a population of 15,000 this portion of the grant is zero.

The second part of the grant is based on property assessments. It starts with a base amount of $50,000 and is reduced for communities that have a high property assessment and a low population—like Sun Peaks. Based on the current property assessment of $600 million and an assumed population of 500, this portion of the grant would be reduced to $500. By comparison, Whistler still receives $5,000.

Please help us get an accurate population count for Sun Peaks. To ensure that you are counted, call Nicky Braithwaite at (250) 819-0035 or e-mail [email protected] before May 6, 2010.

Ines Popig, Chair, Sun Peaks Resort Improvement District