Doctor encourages residents to stay the course

 | November 16, 2020

Masks, distancing still important 

Dr. Shane Barclay in an exam room at the clinic. Photo SPIN.

The doctor at the helm of Sun Peaks’ clinic is urging residents who test positive for COVID-19 to come forward and for all residents to stop gathering in large groups. 

Dr. Shane Barclay, medical director of the Sun Peaks Community Health Centre, published a letter on Nov. 16. 

He said they would be grateful to be informed of positive test results in the community. 

“Contrary to what some people think, Public Health does not notify us when there is a positive case in Sun Peaks,” he wrote. “We are only ‘notified’ if a registered patient goes down and has a swab and we then get the results. Sun Peaks is a small, closely connected community and I actually believe we have a much better system to contact trace than Public Health.” 

He said information would be kept completely confidential. 

He also encouraged residents to continue following procedures in place to limit the spread of the virus such as wearing masks and physically distancing. 

“PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE IN LARGE GATHERINGS this winter, regardless of the occasion, special date or any misguided belief of invincibility. We are all looking forward to the ski season. If we get a substantial Covid-19 outbreak up here, none of us will be skiing and businesses will close again for the season. We all know how tragic that was last March,” he wrote.