Filling up the energy reservoir

Ever have those days when you feel mentally drained?

Ever have those days when you feel that you got so much done that you could have kept going forever?

Ever wish you could manage to have more of the high-energy days than the completely drained ones? You can.

Very often, we let ourselves experience the effects of the ebb and flow of the day without realizing that we can command and protect our mental energy levels.  This leaves us feeling powerless and without control.

When we drive a powerful car we can monitor how much of the fuel we are using throughout the day. Likewise, when we learn to pay attention to how we use our mental energy we can decide when and how it’s
to be used.  We can also make pit stops to refuel.

To get a handle on your energy reserves, keep a small notebook with you for the next seven days, and list 10 of the things that drain your energy during the day. To identify energy drains simple look at a situation or conversation and ask, “Has this made my mood higher or lower?”

The lower mood effectors such as focusing on the negative in situations rather than positively engaging with them, speaking with draining people, or focusing on losses rather than taking positive lessons from them, are the energy drains.

After you’ve tracked the things that drain your energy, make sure that you find 10 ways every day to actively refuel your mental energy. Curl up with a favourite book for a few minutes, sit in the sunshine, talk to an uplifting person, meditate, exercise, or have a shower with the intention of refreshing your mental self.

Taking responsibility for your personal energy is a decision that will impact your life in such a way that you’ll find yourself in a position of awareness and control.
When I trained a client to do just this, she found that she no longer got pulled into long drawn out conversations about how dismal and difficult life is.

She was drawn instead to connecting with people who daily looked for the best in people and in life, even though they were going through potentially draining situations of their own.

What she found was that she started to learn from challenges and move forward with that learning quickly, becoming a stronger, more balanced and energy conscious person.

She took responsibility for her own mental energy allowance and made it a priority to refuel and recharge. In doing so she became far more powerful in her ability to have self-control and to take care of business.

Be determined to make the change and with practice, change comes.

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