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Words have a nutrient value. All too often we speak to ourselves in a way that isn’t positive.

Words have a nutrient value. All too often we speak to ourselves in a way that isn’t positive. The words we choose to use to others and ourselves impact on our ability to be successful in life, in our businesses and in our sports.

A taste of fresh fruit, or delicious homemade chicken noodle soup or delectable treat from the local bakery, impacts the body in many ways. The food can provide energy, comfort and an opportunity to recharge. In the same way, the words we choose to use can have the same impact, providing energy, comfort and an opportunity to recharge, that is, if you’re aware of the power of those words.

Following a challenge in our day, we may have said:

• Why was I so stupid?
• Why did I get that shot wrong?
• Why was that meeting so unsuccessful?
• Why did I do poorly?
• What is wrong with me?

In 1999 a pioneer Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, discovered that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. Emoto experimented with different words (both written and spoken) and found water crystals actually changed from being brilliant and colorful when specific positive words were directed at them, to being dull and ugly, when specific negative words were directed at them.

What does this mean to us? Our bodies are made up of 70 per cent water.

Emoto’s experiment suggests that what we think and say makes change within us, emotionally and physically. Your communication with yourself and others influences us on many levels.

Ninety-five per cent of our behavior comes from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind hears and stores negative words and, if heard enough times, will start producing behaviors within us as if the negative statements it has heard are absolutely true.

So what can a person do? Be absolutely diligent with your own thoughts and words. Your communication with yourself and others influences your subconscious mind so profoundly that negative messages can sabotage your chances of increasing your success.

When faced with a challenge in the future, focus on what you have learned from that experience, the learning of which will enable you to learn and grow and become more successful when faced with a similar challenge in the future.

Following a challenge in our day, we may now say:

• What did I learn?
• What was good about how I took that shot?
• What was successful about that meeting?
• Why did I do better this time than I have ever done before?
• What did I get right?

Words have wings, so speak good things. It’s vital we start to become aware of how we speak to ourselves. Even in jest, nutritionally poor words can affect our physiology. We know what we focus on grows, and one negative word can lead to many more being used, either to ourselves in our own headspace, or in speaking with others.

A kind word to yourself and to others can nourish a life, and fill a heart. A word full of warmth and sincerity can fill you up with pride and happiness. A gentle word can bring respite to a weary soul.

Take a moment today to feed yourself, and someone you care for, a delicious form of verbal nourishment and you may find you address a hunger that lies within. The impact that this will have on your business, your sport or your life will nourish you more than you know.

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