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Hope for vertigo sufferers

 | January 6, 2017

Throughout much of Sonya Trevisi’s life she suffered bouts of dizziness, nausea, sweating and problems walking, all caused by vertigo. It took several years, alongside her education while becoming a registered massage therapist, to find reliefs from her symptoms.

Now as a local small business owner of Down the Road Wellness, she said she understands the plight of locals who also suffer from vertigo.

Trevisi said the negative impact vertigo can have on one’s life is significant and wants to help others.

“My own experience was so debilitating,” said Trevisi. “I know what it’s like not leaving the house or looking at a chairlift longingly knowing you can’t go up.”

Living in an active community makes it harder, Trevisi said, knowing others are skiing when you may be unable to even ride the chairlift because of your symptoms.

In an effort to help others Trevisi will host her first free wellness seminar Jan. 25 to give information and solutions.

Topics will include essential oils, craniosacral release, ear-candling, supplements and prevention strategies.

Trevisi said she’s had a positive response and already has 25 attendees confirmed.
“People are excited there are solutions,” she said. “People feel hopeful.”
Trevisi would like to host additional seminars in the future on topics ranging from posture to digestion as a way to help the community.

January’s session will take place at the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Conference Centre. For more information contact Trevisi at [email protected]