One of life’s greatest pursuits is that of security. We imagine that we’ll feel secure if we have enough money, possessions, education, love, friends, praise or enough fame.
With this as our focus we then set about to protect ourselves from feelings of insecurity by making sure we have enough of whatever we imagine will keep those feelings at bay.
One problem with that perception is, “enough” is an elusive target and differs with each individual. What’s enough for one is not enough for another. ”Enough” also assumes our good feeling or sense of security comes from outside circumstances.
Evidence suggests neither wealth nor love can guarantee us a sense of security. There are just too many instances when people have achieved considerable wealth and/or seemingly devoted relationships, yet their behaviour would indicate they feel very insecure. Their actions, ergo their experience, is created by insecure thinking which is taken very seriously.
There are, on the other hand, just as many reports of people having lost their wealth or loved ones, yet they go on to live rewarding lives.
So what can we make of this phenomenon? Clearly we can’t attribute our well-being, or lack of, to the whim of circumstances. If that were true we’d all lose our bearings when faced with any adversity or loss. Is it possible we can challenge our perceptions and experiences to reveal the thinking that’s created them? Can we accept our insecure feeling comes from an insecure thought? That I’m not insecure, I just think I am?
I believe we have an innate source of wisdom and resiliency that allows us to move through our lives with grace and compassion. All we need to do is understand the principles which form the foundation of our experience.
These principles of mind, consciousness and thought explain our moment-to-moment experience of life. Mind refers to the formless energy behind life itself. It’s the universal intelligence behind creation. Thought describes that creative energy as it takes form. It’s our ability to create images and to do all manner of thinking, to have opinions, to create works of art, to hold values and beliefs, to love and to forgive. It’s also our ability to worry, to judge or to fear. Consciousness is the ability to be aware of how reality is created through thought and our senses. It allows us to recognize we have choice, we can observe the world from a place of wisdom and grace. We can recognize when our thinking is taking us away from well-being and into insecurity. We can see that we are the thinker.
These three principles are always at work creating our inside out experience. Only as we become more conscious of our role as the thinker can we see the array of choices available to us in every moment.
As we begin this new year and new decade I wish you all a renewed sense of peace and calm and that you’ll be blessed with insights that’ll point you to your resiliency and well-being. Walk in grace.

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