Earth Issues

Mountainside holiday ornaments a real crowd pleaser

 | March 12, 2012

When it comes to Christmas, many people join in the festivities by blanketing their houses and trees with colourful lights and shiny ornaments. But when it comes to property, where anyone is allowed access, is tree decorating merely littering or does the tradition extend past property lines?

Some Christmas decorations can be harmful to the environment and the animals that call those trees home. The biodegradability of the ornaments (or lack thereof) can classify the decorations as litter. Also, birds and other small animals may become confused and attempt to eat the shiny objects, causing a multitude of problems. Some believe that the year-round Christmas decorations are sign of neglect, and cast a negative light on the resort.

That being said, the majority of the voters and people of Sun Peaks enjoy the decorations and believe their presence adds a little extra bit of Christmas cheer to an already amazing place. Some believe that the decorations are a great idea, as long as those who bring the Christmas cheer clean up after themselves once the season has come to an end.

Shawn registered her opinion on the online poll, suggesting that the decorations keep “the Christmas cheer alive year-round” and many other voters (more than 80 per cent) agree that the ornaments are a positive addition to the resort.

According to Jamie Tattersfield, mountain operations manager for Sun Peaks Resort Corporation (SPRC), when it comes to the decorations being hung on resort property, it just adds to the Sun Peaks charm.

“All in all (it’s) a neat tradition, and I think unique to our resort,” Tattersfield states. “I know there’s opposition from some in terms of the clean up but we (SPRC) have no plans to limit the activity.”

So the debate surrounding the status of the decorations (litter or joyful additions) seems to have resolved itself with a conclusion that, those who spread Christmas cheer need to be mindful of nature and the animals, and clean up after themselves.