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Not all is lost for Christmas Tree Alley

 | December 4, 2009

Sun Peaks residents and visitors alike, with some noted exceptions, take great pleasure in adoring the decorated trees below the Morrisey chairlift. The families who decorate the trees put in a lot of effort during the season to maintain the trees they have adopted and ensure that all decorations are removed before the end of the ski season.
Unfortunately, last year a ski patrol staff person removed all the decorations believing they may be left on the trees after the season. Fortunately, a group of residents retrieved the decorations and sorted them as best as they could. These decorations are now waiting to be claimed.
If you are one of the people who had their decorations removed—and yes, we do have the leather star—please get in touch with me.
The festive season is upon us. Let’s bring some cheer and delight to all of us.
Ines Popig, Sun Peaks