24th annual Trash Bash planned despite pandemic

“It shows some great community spirit… everybody just wants to help make Sun Peaks great for the summer.”
 | May 17, 2021
Former Sun Peaks Fire Rescue Chief Colin Cannon. File Photo

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue is putting out a call for volunteers to help clean up the village for the summer season.

Dean Schiavon, chief of Sun Peaks Fire Rescue, encouraged residents to bring their kids or friends to the 24th annual Trash Bash— so long as they’re within one’s COVID-19 personal bubble.

“It shows some great community spirit when we get as many people out as we do,” Schiavon said. “Everybody just wants to help make Sun Peaks great for the summer.”

Those wishing to volunteer can meet in front of the Annex at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, May 26. Volunteers from the fire department will be there handing out trash bags and instructions for which route each group or individual should take. 

“We try to tackle every street in Sun Peaks and along every section of the Valley Trail,” Schiavon said. “The firehall volunteers typically go from the firehall down to the magic cattle guard area, the municipal boundary, and then back up as well as coming up towards Fairways Dr.”

Although Schiavon wasn’t certain as to how many people usually hit the streets for the event, he said there are usually volunteers who have been there from the inaugural year and he sees new faces each season.
“We’ll also have somebody taking down names for volunteers that are helping,” Schiavon said. “We’ll get a count of how many people volunteer and it’s good to see names, like a lot of new names coming up in Sun Peaks helping out and a lot of the old names that have been around in the community for many years.”

People are encouraged to wear work gloves and boots for the event. Schiavon said volunteers will leave their trash bags along the side of the road, and staff from Sun Peaks Resort LLP will drive around, collecting the bags and bringing them to the transfer station.

For more information on the Trash Bash, click here.