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A helping hand

 | January 29, 2010

Dear Editor:’

A triple wow and big thank you to a very humble, very genuine, very kind Ben Wourms. Ben was at 5Forty Café when I entered a bit confused as to what was wrong with me. I knew I wasn’t “playing with a full deck”. Ben was very helpful. He gave me many glasses of water, bought me a yummy veggie/egg bagel sandwich, and offered to take me to the Sun Peaks Health Clinic.

I took him up on the water and the sandwich and wandered up to my room. I had a hunch my sickness was the side effect of a live typhoid vaccine I was taking for an upcoming trip to Ethiopia. Indeed it was! The next day I was fine.

Ben wouldn’t give me his number or let me brag about him. It was only through perseverance, Sun Peaks Guest Services and SPIN that justice can be done and Ben can be properly praised.
Hooray for Ben Wourms who was happy to give anonymously and so generously and of the heart, an inspiration to us all.

Francie Hansen, Friday Harbour –
San Juan Island, WA