Accommodations filling up for winter

Potential effects of prolonged road closures remain to be seen in the coming weeks
 | November 24, 2021
Photo: Kyle James

Accommodation bookings for the season in Sun Peaks are almost on par with pre-pandemic times, despite road closures to the Lower Mainland and ongoing international travel restrictions and regulations.

Arlene Schieven, president of Tourism Sun Peaks, said November, December and March are filling up. 

“Overall it’s looking good,” said Schieven. “It’s way up compared to last year, of course. We’re getting closer to where we were two years ago.”

The month that has been most affected is January. A large market for the resort is international visitors, particularly Australians, and January is when they receive most of their international travellers.

“Hopefully, we’ll pick up some more room nights before January comes,” said Schieven. “We will be focusing [marketing] on areas that are able to travel.”

Schieven said whether bookings continue to fill up will depend on if the roads to the Lower Mainland open for non-essential travel. 

“We haven’t really actually seen the impact come through yet,” said Schieven. “I know there have been lots of people calling about potentially cancelling, but they might still be a ways out from their trips so they haven’t actually cancelled yet.” 

Schieven said it could be a couple weeks before the road closures impact bookings, but it is possible visitors will have to cancel if the roads don’t open.

“That could be quite devastating if people are not able to travel during Christmas,” said Schieven. “Hopefully the non-essential travel restriction will be removed by then. But right now, we’re in a bit of a holding pattern until we see what the provincial government does.”