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Community thank you

 | September 17, 2012

This is a letter of thanks to the businesses and volunteers of Sun Peaks for their commitment to our guest experience over the past summer months. As a resort, we took some marketing risks, and successfully introduced our community to thousands of new visitors. Fortunately, it became a pivotal summer with a record number of July and August booked room nights. 

This was achieved through close partnerships, such as those with the municipality and with third party event organizers. Initiative and innovation from multiple businesses was equally crucial. The patio bratwurst at Sun Peaks Lodge, 5Forty’s longboarding event, SPRC’s mountain bike events, and the upcoming Oktoberfest headed by Peter Ernst are all examples. Each helped create a reason for guests to visit Sun Peaks, in many cases, for the first time. The summer has demonstrated the power of collective effort, and its momentum catapults Sun Peaks toward the winter marketing season ahead. 

Thank you
Christopher Nicolson,
President Tourism Sun Peaks