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Crankworx returning to Sun Peaks

Crankworx event scheduled for Sun Peaks, and other B.C. Resorts, after the organization called off its traditional Whistler venue due to the pandemic.
 | July 7, 2021
Verbeek keeping her eyes on the prize in dual slalom before clinching top spot during last year’s Summer Series. Photo credit Clint Trahan, Crankworx.

Update Sept. 8 – The article has been updated to include revised dates as per the Crankworx website.

Crankworx is scheduled to return to Sun Peaks this summer as part of Crankworx B.C. The event will run from Sept. 22 to Oct. 2 with Sun Peaks stops kicking off the tour from Sept. 22 to 24.

After last season’s successful Summer Series event (which you can recap here), Crankworx will look to highlight the strengths of the Sun Peaks Bike Park.

The finals of the Dual Slalom and Downhill events, taking place Sept. 23 and 24 respectively, are slated to be broadcast live (barring any logistical issues) on Red Bull TV from Sun Peaks, and will take place alongside the Air DH events.

While this year’s event will share some similarities to last year’s Summer Series, this year will be closer to traditional Crankworx events such as those held in Whistler or Innsbruck, Austria.

“It’ll be similar in ways,” said Julia Montague, Crankworx’s director of marketing and communications.  “It was an experimental pivot for us to bring B.C. athletes to B.C. resorts [last year] and share that with the world. [Crankworx B.C.] will be similar to a more traditional crankworx formula, but we’re looking to add international athletes to the mix.” 

While nothing is certain and events may change due to evolving health restrictions, Crankworx will be working closely with local health authorities and the resort to involve spectators.

“Spectators are a main building block for Crankworx as it brings a totally different vibe for when athletes are racing. If spectators are on site it will be free to watch from right beside the track, but will depend on safety and staffing at the resort.”

While the future of subsequent Crankworx events in Sun Peaks is uncertain, and with the Whistler event returning in 2021, Montague said working with Sun Peaks has been a wonderful experience.

“We’ve had such a great experience at these other resorts and are looking to explore options of how we can continue to build it for the future.”

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