Disc Golf soars to Sun Peaks

The new nine-hole Disc Golf course at Sun Peaks Resort is free with the cost of a lift ticket and offers distances of 41 to 124 metres.
A target used in disc golf at Sun Peaks Resort stands in the middle of the trees. I is a pole with a metal basket and has three discs in it. Photo by Melissa Miller
A target used in disc golf at Sun Peaks Resort. Photo by Melissa Miller

Sun Peaks Resort (SPR), home to endless outdoor pursuits, has a new player in town – disc golf.

The Sun Peaks Disc Golf Course is officially open for nine holes of fun. Free to play with the cost of a lift ticket, disk golfers can find the course by taking the Sunburst chairlift and walking about ten minutes east along the cat track and past the alpine maintenance shop. Here, surrounded by pines, biking and hiking trails, players can tackle teeing off at distances from 41 to 124 metres.

If you’ve never played disc golf, it’s similar to regular golf, with a few small changes. BC Disc Sports’ website explains players use a disc or frisbee instead of sizing up a green with clubs, and throw the object towards a target, usually a metal basket attached to a pole.

The goal is to get the disc into the basket in as few throws as possible, as in the traditional sport. Wherever the disc lands, players must take their shot and try to avoid various terrain challenges.

The Professional Disc Golf Association notes the sport’s creation has a “blurry” history. While it’s not definitively known who was the first to play the sport, Ed Headrick is considered integral to the game for inventing two key tools – the Frisbee in 1966 while working at Wham-O and the Disc Golf Pole Hole in 1975.

While the course at SPR currently has nine holes, SPR’s chief of mountain operations, Tom Foster, said the goal is to develop an 18-hole course eventually.

“A couple of things are a bit of a challenge, just available space when we have bike trails coming and going, we have hiking trails,” Foster explained.

According to Foster, the course was developed last year and originally envisioned by SPR’s slopes manager, Seth Worthen and the slopes crew.

Players can bring or rent discs at guest services in the Village Day Lodge. 

The course is open until Sep. 24.

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