Don’t worry, be happy

So, please tell me, is it just me or do people actually enjoy complaining about everything that doesn’t suit their wants, desires or personal agendas?  For some strange reason I seem to be ultra aware of this these days and I just don’t understand it. What happened to all the happy, positive, easy going, fun loving people out there? Is it a sign of truly stressful times in people’s lives or do people really enjoy complaining for some bizarre reason?

He said, she said, they did or didn’t, that’s a dumb idea, plan or law and the list of usually unwarranted and always unsolicited petty complaints I hear seems to go on and on. While we’re all free to have our own opinion, and that’s what makes the world go around, how about putting yourself in the shoes of the person you’re choosing to bag on for some non-apparent reason. Before you speak negatively of others please ask yourself, could I do a better job than they’re doing? Or for that matter would I want to do that job at all? In most cases I think the answer to those questions would be a humble “no, in the long run, probably not.”
If you’re so certain you could run a ski hill, a business, a government body or a non-profit group better than someone that holds that job, then simply apply for a job or get voted in and work your way up the ladder, because that’s how the real world works. How about letting the mayor and council try to get this great community off on the right foot as a new municipality without every armchair politico criticizing their every move. You voted for it, so work with it, not against it.
We certainly don’t have to like everything and everyone in our lives, but kindness, respect and civility go a long, long way. Have an opinion but also have the insight to make it a knowledgeable one and say it out loud, in public, if it needs to be said at all.
Sometimes I wonder why people live in this great place called Sun Peaks, when all they seem to do is complain about this, that and the other thing they think is wrong with this wonderfully vibrant and rapidly growing four season resort community.
Get outside and ski, golf, bike, hike, fish and enjoy the fact that we actually live where the rest of the world wants to vacation or, for that matter, maybe it’s time to move to the big city where you might actually have something valid to complain about.
But that’s just my opinion.

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