Escape long nights with these fun flicks

With the holiday season fading into a warm fuzzy memory and the long winter stretching out ahead, a little escapism is definitely in order. While most folks at Sun Peaks escape to the slopes, shorter days mean that the fun stops at 4 p.m., right? No way! A few fun flicks can make your January escape last a little bit longer. Rave Reviews makes a getaway into the worlds of TRON Legacy and Despicable Me.
I never had the opportunity to see the original TRON when it first came to screens in the 80s. Even so, I was excited to see the sequel, some 30 years in the making. The original TRON was a cult phenomenon when it hit theatres and from the trailers it looked like the latest instalment could follow in its predecessor’s footsteps. As with many sequels, though, living up to the original is hard to do and TRON Legacy doesn’t amount to more than a souped up, visual thrill ride. Despite the simplistic storyline, actors Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and newcomer Garrett Hedlund all deliver great performances, and the visuals will definitely knock your socks off: motorcycles and fighter planes that materialize out of thin air at the push of a button, bodysuits lined with luminescent strips and dark landscapes dappled with starlit pinpoints. Finally, what better way to give a film a video game feel, than to have Daft Punk write the film score? Although this movie is never likely to climb the ranks of great sci-fi films, it’s escapism at its best.
If you’re looking for something a little smarter than mere eye candy, pick up a copy of Despicable Me from your local video store. This clever comedy introduces you to Gru, the greatest villain of all time. When an upstart young villain upstages Gru by stealing one of the Egyptian pyramids, Gru decides that his next heist is going to have to be his biggest and baddest yet. His target: the moon! With the help of three wayward orphans, Gru pulls off the theft with only a few hitches, and learns the meaning of friendship and family along the way. Steve Carrell lends his voice to the title role and will completely win you over with his cheesy Eastern European accent. Despicable Me is the first film out of Universal Studio’s new production company Illumination Entertainment (the studio’s second film, Hop, will be released this Easter). While Despicable Me maybe beginner’s luck, I’m looking forward to seeing what else this little studio cooks up over the next few years.
Gray skies and long nights are much easier to face if you can get away from it all, even if it’s just for a few hours. Whether you’re looking for a wild ride through a computer generated underworld, or a hilarious heist with a side of caustic humour, you’ll find your off-slope escape when you check out one of these fun films.

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