Earth Issues

Free worm composting workshops offered for TNRD residents

 | January 5, 2011
The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) is offering free worm composting workshops for groups of 10 and for anyone who wants to know how to use worms to help with waste management.
“The great thing about worms is that they continue to compost even when it’s freezing outside,” said Martin Dickson, Environmental Health Services technologist. “It also greatly reduces the amount of household garbage.”
Worm composting can be done indoors as well in a garage, laundry room, underneath a sink, or in a basement because it’s odourless.
The TNRD facilitated 21 separate workshops in 2009, and workshops are also available for local schools. Locally owned and operated All Things Organic conducts the workshops free of charge.
“Worm composting is really simple and will easily reduce your household waste stream by one third to one half—especially if your household eats lots of organics,” said Dickson. “Things like shredded paper and cardboard, and . . . dryer lint can also be composted thereby keeping even more material from our garbage bins.”
To register for a free workshop call the TNRD at 1-877-377-8673 or email [email protected]