Hats off to this community’s selfless volunteers

Publisher’s Note

In today’s hustle and bustle world we live in, you rarely hear about this strange race of humans that seem to absolutely thrive in Sun Peaks. They don’t worry about such things as getting paid, they rarely have a bad day at work, if you can call it work, and for the most part the place would probably go to hell in a hand basket without them here. They are the countless and sometimes nameless volunteers that work each day, each race and each event that happens in Sun Peaks, and I think they need to be recognized.

While of course I’m biased toward the Velocity Challenge Safety Crew, as many on this team have been with the event since its inception over 22 years ago, there are so many others as well: the Sun Guides for braving winter’s wrath everyday to make sure that the tourists get to know the mountain at their own speed; the Rosedale Friday race series crew that are there week-in and week-out to make sure the wannabe Bode Millers of the world have a place to race; the volunteer crew that run the Fondue Evening descent and Fresh Trax breakfast each week up at the Sunburst Restaurant—always a smile for the new crowds each week even though they have nightmares about melted chocolate and cheese at night, all the young guns that help Toby and crew make the Monster Park a thing of beauty each morning and of course all the parents that put in countless hours with the Sun Peaks Alpine Club. To all the folks over the years that have helped the Sun Peaks Health Association raise over $400,000 towards a new health clinic, take a bow. And last but not least all the hard working parents involved in the Sun Peaks Education Society and the brave men and women of Sun Peaks Fire and Rescue that keep us safe day and night.

For all of these people that put in their own time and effort to help others or further a cause or event, it’s not about them, it’s about making a positive difference in their community. It’s not hard to make a little time each week to help someone out and, who knows, it might even put a smile on your face, which in the long run is worth way more than a few dollars in your jeans.

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