Interest high at the Discovery Centre’s Open House

 | July 16, 2010

The Sun Peaks municipal council are donating $30,500 to the Sun Peaks Education Society towards the Discovery Centre for Balanced Education. The entire amount was taken from the mayor and councillors’ municipal stipends.

This is good news for the society who’s been pooling all resources to make the September opening day a reality.

The Sun Peaks Education Society recently held an Open House of the Discovery Centre for Balanced Education to show the newly revamped building.

“We had a booth in the village with lots of information and some pledge forms. We had lots of people asking about what we’re doing and getting more information,” said Maria Cannon, chairperson of the Sun Peaks Education Society.

“With the Open House, the nice thing is that it makes it real for people. They’re actually seeing the schoolhouse, walking in there and saying ‘Wow, this really looks like a school.’ We had a lot of people who’ve never seen the inside of the building. People really liked what they saw.”

Fundraising is also underway through personal and corporate pledges and donations. The target amount is $75,000 to cover the hiring of an on-site facilitator, delivery of additional programs such as sport, arts and music, rental of facilities, and administration costs (insurance). Senator Nancy Greene Raine was appointed as the Centre’s honourary fundraising chairperson.

Greene Raine, Rayleigh Elementary principal Deanna Brady and Tourism Sun Peaks president Christopher Nicolson in addition to families in the area were among those who attended the Open House.

A website and Twitter page for the learning centre was launched to spread the word on the future learning centre. With the help of community volunteers, parents and their children, the building was spruced up with some paint, educational supplies and posters on the wall. All of these developments were made possible by donations and volunteerism from local business owners and residents.

About 14 children have already signed up for enrollment in the fall, said Cannon. A facilitator is expected to be hired by August. Volunteers are also needed: multi-subject tutors, one-to-one readers, monitors and supervisors, skiers and snowboarders, swimming instructors, tennis instructors, team sport coaches, hot lunch volunteers, fundraisers and administrative support.

For more information, visit: or e-mail [email protected].