Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor – Addressing traffic near the East Village

 | August 3, 2020
The intersection by the Orient chairlift. Photo SPIN

This letter was shared with Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality in response to their request for feedback from the community on a proposal to decrease speed limits in the municipality, it’s shared with permission from the writers.

Director of Public Works

Dear sir,

We are writing to you in the hopes that you will be able to address our concerns as residents of Sun Peaks located further up the road from the village, specifically on Valley Drive.

We have written the council, and to date our pleas for a safer intersection have been ignored. The crosswalk at the end of the bridge by the Orient chair is the issue. No one stops.

This includes SP resort vehicles, the bus, construction trucks , delivery trucks , Bear Country trucks , and most cars… in fact , most vehicles are accelerating as they come over the bridge and round the corner , racing down the pavement in front of Trappers.

It is only a question of time until someone gets hurt.On numerous occasions I have had to pull children ,or dogs on leash out of the way as the vehicles just go around us in the crosswalk.

I appreciate the speed bumps that are being put in-lower down , but is it possible to put them in on both sides of the bridge?

Also, we would like to request a speed bump in the middle of that section of road directly opposite the Trappers Landing sign. As well as keeping our road safer in all seasons, it would certainly help with all the dust that the construction trucks are creating.

We are awaiting your reply.

Kathy and Walter Rees