Parking in the Sun Peaks village

 | December 2, 2010

Visitors to Sun Peaks are advised to be aware of where they are allowed to park around the village.

In the winter when the resort is busiest, parking spots can be difficult to find. While it is tempting to park in areas where vehicles aren’t allowed, resist the urge as paying for a parking violation ticket and the towing of your vehicle is not worth it and will just cause unnecessary stress.

Parking is available in front of Bento’s Day Lodge, the Village Day Lodge and P4 located near the Sports Centre.

Customers of businesses located in the Delta Residences can access a 20-minute parking in front of the Delta Residences’ main door. The Bluebird Market also offers a 20-minute parking in front of the store. Other parking spots, as well as non-parking spots, in the village are clearly marked.