Project from the heart – Storytelling in slow fashion passion project

With unique items like The Universal Bag, A New Dawn Clutch and the Warrior Bomber, Lineage the Label is a fusion of creator Ashley Armstrong’s style, ideologies and inner purpose. The Indonesian-constructed, consciously-sourced items marry buttery leather with colorful Ikats to create once-in-a-lifetime luxury goods. Also practicing as Holistic Counsellor, Armstrong’s personal philosophies on wellbeing, self-exploration and actualization are woven into the fashion’s narrative.

“The brand translates into personal development work. It’s my way of blending the world. There’s a great deal of care, detail and connectiveness within the process.”  

There is a reactionary ripple effect between style and confidence. What one wears can shift their perception of themselves in the world. There’s something about the feeling of fabric or the structure of the item that makes a person walk a little taller.  

“In my bomber, I feel like a goddess in badass armour,” Armstrong laughed. “I want that for my buyers—that in this item, they see themselves differently and are perhaps seen differently as a result.”  

Based out of Vancouver, B.C., Armstrong was raised near the Alaskan border. She spent her teenage years in Kamloops before moving to Sun Peaks—a place she still hosts an affinity for.  After exploring educational pursuits and Australian adventures, Armstrong spent four months in Bali, visiting various marketplaces and marvelling at the wide array of vivid fabrics. She returned to Canada with samples, and had a larger order made upon her second trip to Indonesia.

Primarily promoting the products through Instagram, Armstrong is building a website to manage the ever-growing brand. Although, no matter how the label grows, Armstrong is committed to crafting rare and nuanced pieces: “I believe in the small batch order.”

lineage the label

“There’s a sentimental connection to my purchases. I buy something because it’s special; because it chose me. My hope is that they’ll be loved, worn and passed down.”

Currently planning a fourth Balinese excursion for next March, Armstrong will also be spending time in Spain and Morocco to seek inspiration for future pieces.

“I want to explore different materials through the label, but above all, it must be ethically sourced. That’s a top priority.”

Always en route, this world traveller packs light. The contents of Armstrong’s suitcase are reflective of her style mantra: quality over quantity. The collection consists of slow fashion labels: large scarves, silk dresses, flowy trousers, leather sandals, black skinny jeans, low slung tank tops, brass bangles and lipstick.

“I like pairing outfits with one unique piece—this is how Lineage was created. It invites you to take a classic look and make it individualistic and eye catching.”

Amid the label’s growth, Armstrong paused to reflect on its present state: “At times, developing the label has been a slow process, but everything unfolded in due time. It was like a flower blossoming, a very organic experience. It has truly been a project from the heart.”  

Purchases can be made through the Instagram page, which showcases the many “One of One” and “One for All” pieces.

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