Protesting the protesters

Publisher’s Note

Like all Canadians, I love this country. One of the most fundamental reasons is the freedom of speech that we all enjoy, living in this great democracy called Canada.

While this freedom is available to all Canadians to use for whatever purpose they see fit, I feel the need to address a certain segment of our society that have this basic human right all ass backwards.
Whether it’s at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the G8 or G20 Summits or your local municipal election, you’ll have no doubt seen or heard the scourge I’m talking about.

Dressed head-to-toe in black or camouflage, screaming obscenities, wreaking havoc and injury, these people—or should I call them “modern day thug terrorists”—actually call themselves “Protesters for the People.” And they couldn’t be more wrong.

If people have something to protest about, be it taxes, health care, government spending or whatever their beef is, there are ways of effectively protesting that don’t involve vandalism, intimidation, threats and the use of violence or the blatant criminal activities that these parasitic punks shove down our throats.
If you have an issue with something, write a letter to the editor, call your MLA, wave a sign on your main street or use any other means to get your message heard, but do it in peace, on your own time and without endangering yourself or others.

When I saw the anti-Olympic protesters smashing windows at The Bay in Vancouver and fighting with the Vancouver Police Department, I had a wonderful idea. What if we all went to the place of work of all these out of control punks and started to break their businesses’ windows, trash their cars and threaten their staff? How much would they like it? Then I woke up and realized that’s impossible because 90 per cent of these so called “Freedom Warriors” probably haven’t got jobs anyway. They’re either collecting welfare or have some ill-gotten means of travelling from protest to protest to spit their “anti-anything” venom upon the unsuspecting masses.

Years ago I first saw this method of hit and run protest by the Shinning Path Guerrillas of Peru and to think that their often deadly militaristic model of fear and intimidation is now emerging in our own backyard is absolutely frightening.

If you’ve got nothing to hide and you’re not breaking the law protesting what you really believe in, then why all the camouflage, masks and false bravado?

Use your legal right to freedom of speech but don’t be a coward and hide behind your cause or your mask, because I’m not listening to your crap nor is anyone else.

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