Raine wins second term

 | November 21, 2011

Al Raine has won a second term as mayor of Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality in Saturday’s election. Raine, the municipality’s first mayor won his second term with more than 95 per cent of the votes cast in his favour versus challenger Renate Kals.

“I hope they were voting for me and not against Mrs. Kals,” notes Raine. “I think she firmly believed that she represented the community and the majority belief. I never believed she did and it’s nice to see that the people were on-side and weren’t going to support her platform.”

Raine, who won on the platform of experience, leadership, commitment and track record noted throughout the campaign that “to be a great resort, we must be a great community.” After Raine is sworn in on December 5, he and the council will begin working on a grant application to support a community recreation centre.

“We’re hoping to make an application under the community recreation facilities grant program which will be an application of $400,000 from the Province. That has to be submitted before the end of the year and we have a lot of work to do to put the paperwork together to support the application.”

As far as Raine is concerned the work of council is business as usual preparing for by-law enforcement for the winter season and continuing the work begun by the first council.

Councilors Ines Popig, Mike Forster and Mario Pozza who were unchallenged in the election will remain by acclamation. The remaining appointed councilor will be named by the Province in the near future. The first meeting of council will be in council chambers on December 19.