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Retreat to focus on women’s minds, bodies

 | September 10, 2012

Sun Peaks Resort will host its inaugural Women’s Wellness Weekend, September 14 to 16, 2012.

The weekend offers a variety of programs for women to get away, focus on themselves and feel empowered though personal improvement workshops. They’re given the ability to relax, rejuvenate, create new friendships and connect with nature.

“We’re bringing in some amazing inspirational women to help (women) refresh and refocus,” says Brandi Schier, media and marketing coordinator for Tourism Sun Peaks.

The weekend begins Friday afternoon with a Tai Chi class followed by an evening welcome reception where women have a chance to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and make new friends.

Schier says it’s a good time of the year to host the event as kids have just gone back to school.

“(Women) have probably had a very busy summer . . . (This is an opportunity) for them to focus on themselves again.”

Saturday’s early morning yoga session instructed by Catherine Dupont will allow ladies a good start to their day’s activities.

“I’m trying to set them up to be able to take away as much as they can from the other things they do . . . and allow them to clean their slate and open up and bring all that good stuff in,” says Dupont.

Dupont who began studying yoga in India in 2005 says her classes are for all levels of yoga students.

“The class is open to beginners, then we will go from there. It’s more about . . . giving them an openness of mind and spirit so that they can take away as much as possible from the other activities that they’re doing during the day,” says Dupont.

Two workshops are available on Saturday, The Power of a Quiet Mind with SPIN columnist June Earle commencing at 10 a.m. and What your personal stories can teach you about your professional life with Vancouver based personal/business coach Amy Earle at 2 p.m.

To cap off a busy day of yoga and workshops, Saturday evening offers dinner and a keynote address by Sun Peaks local Isabelle Hamptonstone. Hamptonstone, a certified practitioner for sports and business, will address how to bring positive changes to your life.

Sunday is free to focus on the body with activities such as yoga and stand up paddleboarding.
Dupont is excited about the weekend’s great lineup and she’s pleased to be part of it.

“What I can give with self awareness through yoga is knowing how busy you get or if you’re finding that stress is building up, to be able to recognize that and to be able to go to that place wherever that place is,” she says. “It could be a physical place, or it could a place in your mind that you know you can go to and you have a way to deal with that busyness and stress.”

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