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Short term gain, long term pain, Re: The smell of money

 | September 14, 2011
Photo submitted by Bob Ball

I read Adam Earle’s opinion piece entitled “The smell of money” on the Enduro motorcycle race July 9 and 10, and would like to share some facts and opinions with you.

First of all, I don’t have an issue with a motorcycle race if it’s done in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm our wonderful environment at Sun Peaks. Unfortunately, this race left scars that’ll have to be fixed or will be with us for a very long time. I have an issue with Adam’s comment: “The grass and bushes will grow back, the mud puddles will dry and the money will stay where it belongs . . .”

Take a walk up Great Grey Trail and see for yourself the destruction left by this race (see photo). Ruts more than 1 foot deep will not “grow back”. All cover has been removed and this leads to erosion, more ruts, and sediment pollution of the streams the trails cross. Adam calls for a “shout out” for the enduro organizers; I would feel more like shouting out if they had the decency to remove race signs, arrows and ribbons (this is a small point compared to the environmental damage 180 dirtbikes have done to our trail system, but it’s indicative of an attitude of NOT leaving the environment as they found it). And don’t hold your breath if you think they are going to fix up the devastated trails.

The Sun Peaks Resort Corporation has worked very hard to establish a reputation of great environment stewardship for our premier family resort. I, for one, support events that will maintain or enhance this reputation.  Let’s not throw our reputation down the ruts on the moonscape that used to be the Great Grey Trail.

Bob Ball, Sun Peaks, B.C.


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