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Now that you have a few hundred, or even thousands, of digital images stored on your computer, you may be thinking of posting your work on the web. It can be a very exciting time for the photo enthusiast as there are many options available to you.

The first step in creating an online gallery is preparing your images. You wouldn’t want to display all the photographs you’ve taken, but rather only your very best. Edit out all your below average work. Remember that visitors to your online portfolio might only stay a moment or two, so it’s important to showcase those images that show off your personal style and creativity.

After the edit is complete and the portfolio images are all ready to go, it’s time to decide on the type of online presence you desire. Will it be a group gallery where you share a site with other photographers or do you want to stand alone with your own website? There are advantages to both.

Photo sharing sites like Flickr and 500px will include you with a community of professional and amateur photographers. On sites like these, your work can easily be critiqued by other users and in the case of 500px, by the editors as well. It’s important to note that sites where users can comment on your work are useful, albeit sometimes humbling. You may not always get the feedback you want, but constructive criticism can be beneficial in your growth as a photographer.

If you’d rather have your portfolio stand apart from the crowd, consider Zenfolio, Photoshelter or your very own custom website build by a designer. Zenfolio and Photoshelter offer almost everything you need to market and sell your photography. Both of them have great pre-designed themes to match your style, and they also help you back up your work. Backing up your files with these photo portfolio companies is a great idea, but make sure you back up your files at home for extra peace of mind.

Designing your own personal website is also a great idea. Are you familiar with WordPress blogs? Well, you can design a website with WordPress too. It’s easy to find a web host and download WordPress, or you can use the free hosted version of WordPress. You’ll have access to plenty of photo gallery themes that not only allow you to manage all your photos, but build a custom blog as well. Adding a blog to a site is an invaluable tool when it comes to keeping your visitors up–to-date with your work. A custom website gives you many options and it appears to be the way professional photographers are showcasing their work and communicating with their clients.

Take the time to research some of the online companies I’ve mentioned here. Many of them update their services frequently. No matter how you choose to display your photography, it’s a lot of fun for the everyday enthusiast and an important decision for working professionals.

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