Sun Peaks Resort and Tourism Sun Peaks Honoured by Kamloops Fire Centre

 | November 27, 2009


The Kamloops Fire Centre presented plaques to Tourism Sun Peaks and Sun Peaks Resort Corporation today as a thank you for their involvement during the wildfire situation in the region this summer.

The Kamloops Fire Centre established an Incident Command Centre at Burfield Lodge in August as several fires burned in the area around Sun Peaks Resort.

Fire Centre Manager Steve Schell says they were grateful for the cooperation from Sun Peaks. “The support you provided, offering up the Burfield Lodge, getting us set up with phones, a room…we really appreciate it.”

Jamie Tattersfield, Mountain Operations Manager with Sun Peaks Resort Corporation, says they were extremely pleased to have the fire crews based at Sun Peaks.

“In comparison to the 2003 fire situation, the information available and given to the public was vastly improved. It was a great comfort to have IC based right here in the Sun Peaks community.”

Fire crews from British Columbia, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and New Zealand were all based out of Sun Peaks during the fire situation.