Sun Peaks the composition on mp3

 | April 23, 2010

As part of the Sun Peaks Music Festival, a musical composition is now available named after the community where the annual festival is held.
Last year, Ralph Ford, director of bands and professor of music at Troy University, composed “Sun Peaks” for the Con Brio Festivals.
“(Artistic director Douglas Macaulay) was looking for a mass band piece . . . and I offered to compose one,” said Ford. Dedicated to the Con Brio Festivals who hosts music festivals both in Sun Peaks and Whistler, Ford named the piece “Sun Peaks”.
“The name itself has a rather stately ring to it and I thought that it made a great title that would serve to represent the music I composed,” he said. The composition was published in 2009 and is available as an mp3 recording and sheet music on the Alfred Music Publishing website.
Con Brio Festivals has been holding an annual music festival in Sun Peaks since 2004.

Click to below to listen to Sun Peaks composition:
Sun Peaks

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