The 2022 municipal election results

Three new councillors join the incumbent and acclaimed mayor
 | October 16, 2022

Sun Peaks voters have chosen three new councillors to make their new municipal council.

Julie Kimmel was elected with 66 per cent of the votes, Len Hrycan was elected with 54 per cent, followed by Kelly Dye with 50 per cent.

The only incumbent councillor on the ballet, Rob O’Toole, was elected with 83 per cent of the vote. Mayor Al Raine ran unopposed and was appointed.

Three hundred and forty six ballots were cast, with an estimated 38 per cent voter turnout.

Lee Morris won Electoral Area P (Rivers and the Peaks) in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District with 442 votes. There was an estimated 16 per cent voter turnout in the regional district.

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