‘Tis the season

gerald“Bah, Humbug!” Ebenezer Scrooge, expressing his dislike of the Christmas spirit in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

It’s become quite the fashionable thing to do — dissing Christmas because of all the hype. There’s the shopping hysteria, the songs we’re all thoroughly sick of, fake Santas, whiny reindeer, the whole Schmoozaroo. Then there’s the politically correct crowd whimpering, as usual, that we shouldn’t impose (what was once a pagan excuse for another alcohol-fuelled party) upon sensitive folk who may be offended by upright people actually being nice to one another.

Balderdash! Christmas exists for what it is — for comfort and joy, just like the carol says. To those who don’t like it they can all go to the quiet room in PC land and get their sensitive feelings neutered while normal people spread happiness. What’s the problem again, killjoy?

Given the pathetic “Winter Festival” or “Holiday Tree” crap, real people like you and I know that despite the commercial crassness and BS, there really does exist a heartfelt goodwill amongst people this time of year. Let’s have eggnog together and get into the spirit!

Speaking of spirits, the late Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela may be looking at the world wondering if they got off this crazy planet just in time. In Britain, a sizeable portion of the population loutishly burned Thatcher’s effigy and rioted, celebrating what they saw as the long-awaited passing of the Wicked Witch, while in South Africa, Mandela’s funeral story is now overshadowed by the “imposter interpreter.” How this convicted criminal got a security pass would make any sane person wonder. This gives you an idea of how South Africa is being run now.

Things have spiralled downhill for South Africa since being a world darling in 2010 when it hosted the FIFA soccer tourney. Rape and other crimes are rampant, HIV rates are considered highest in the world and the economy is being plundered by klepto-cronyism. At this rate they will be like Zimbabwe shortly. Mandela’s class has been replaced by crass.
Canada, meanwhile, stays demurely in the shadow of world events. We’re unconcerned that our students are slipping in international student rankings, we’re still trying to get our heads around the fact that pipelines are better than railways for transporting oil, we still think there may be a use for the porkish senate, and we’re coming to terms with the fact that Canada Post is giving up the ghost.

So, full circle, we’re back to the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Let’s take some time aside from the grab bag of politics near and far, and hunker into the festive season.
Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

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