Tourism Sun Peaks elects board of directors

 | July 20, 2022
Photo: Kyle James.

Last month, Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP) held its annual general meeting and officially elected its board of directors.

Reiner Brecht was re-elected for the non-hotel lodging position, having served on the TSP board for over 10 years. Brecht is the owner of Bear Country Property Management in Sun Peaks.

For the residential director position, Omar Butt was elected. Butt is the director of public works for Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality.

Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) appointed Chris Rogers as one of three directors representing the resort corporation. The other directors, who were not up for reappointment this year, are Darcy Alexander and Aiden Kelly.

For hotel lodging director, Calvin Doyle was the only nominee and therefore assumed the position at the general meeting. He is the assistant general manager of Bear Country Property Management.

Amy Blakeney, SPR’s chief financial officer, was the only nominee for single owner large hotel lodging director. However, SPR shifted Blakeney to be a director for the single large hotel category because the Grand Hotel & Conference Centre is the only hotel that falls into this section.

There are other board members, only one year into their two-year term, who were not up for nomination this year. David Kunze will continue as a hotel lodging director, Derek MacGowan as a non-hotel lodging director and Ryan Schmalz as a commercial / tenant / independent operator director.