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Unconvinced by the UN

 | July 8, 2012

“My opponent’s argument in this case is as tasty as soup made from the boiled shadow of a pigeon that starved to death.” — Abraham Lincoln.

Ever since Lester B. Pearson won the Nobel Peace Prize for averting war with the Soviets over the Suez Canal back in 1956, Canadians have been suckered into thinking they’re somehow responsible for the nebulous term “peacekeeping” (a.k.a. blowing money on useless causes espoused by the even more useless United Nations).

When a friend of mine got posted to Kosovo in the ‘90s to ride around in an armoured personnel carrier for $5,000 a month (tax free), I was happy for him as a friend; yet as a taxpayer, horrified. The massacres happened anyway and the conflict only ended when reality intervened and NATO got to use its military hardware properly, i.e., kill bad people. The UN abhorred this, but it got peace imposed upon the warring brats of, formerly united, Yugoslavia.

While children like to believe in Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny, otherwise sane adults the world over still believe in the efficacy of the UN despite a continuing legacy of epic, bloody failures. Look to the Middle East’s acrimony where any Israel/Palestine solution was ignored by the Arabs, to Cyprus’ territorial dispute that will be lost by the penniless Greeks, to Africa’s tribal hatreds that climaxed into genocides like Rwanda (800,000 dead), to Cambodia (2 million dead), to Syria now (13,000 dead and counting). It appears that the nations of planet Earth are not all that united in stopping humans from killing each other for any number of cultural, tribal, religious or civilizational causes.

My apostasy against the UN continues to fester whenever I see special envoy Kofi Annan (about $500,000 per year, plus tons of really good perks) blabber on about how the various sides in Syria (there are apparently more than three) need to respect each other to reach what academics and diplomats call a consensus. Hey Kofi, the parties loathe each other and are happy to kill anybody on the other team. Plus, nobody really understands yet that these people have medieval attitudes, revel in brutality and would feel useless if they had to do something mundane like get a real job.

The largest voting bloc in the UN is the Organization of Islamic Countries, which is dead set against any kind of criticism against Islam. This is ironic because most of the conflicts worldwide involve Muslims. If anyone points out this fact, it becomes taboo. So, the violence continues and generally the west is blamed for being culturally racist.

I have a solution.

Since the UN is incompetent, expensive and useless, why not save our cumulative efforts and let Canadians have the choice of individually sending their donations of cash, without federal direction, directly to whichever murderous thug they want, for the purpose of weapons acquisition? That way those people can resolve their conflicts quickly, internally and with no moral qualms.