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Will bylaws work in Sun Peaks?

 | December 6, 2010

Is it justified to trust the Sun Peaks Municipality in advance? The residents of Sun Peaks trust the mayor and the whole committee, with reference to the noise bylaw and its content of a correct noise level, which should definitely be lower than the noise level mentioned in the bylaws of the megalopolis Vancouver and Victoria. They also trust the mayor, regarding a good bylaw containing regulations for an adequate snow removal method including storage on the homeowner’s property. The current snow movements across the road are destroying the effect of the “sanded road”.

The residents trust they’ll be able to enjoy a resort where they’ll be able to sleep in peace during the night and where they’ll find well sanded roads.

Who had to say something during the public meeting in the Delta Hotel on Nov. 27? It was the majority of people who want to continue with the illegal nightly rental business, who need the big parking lots in front of their houses and move the snow across the road and to their neighbours. They know that they won’t pay any fines or only very minor ones and that a collection of money for the fine won’t be possible, for the simple reason that a bylaw enforcement officer won’t be available during the evening.

Renate Kals, Sun Peaks