Winter tires a must

I’d like to thank our friends and colleagues for their support of my dad, Glen Escott (Cowboy) during this difficult time. He’s recovering at home now and has started his long road to recovery.
I’d like to bring attention to the danger that winter roads hold. Since the beginning of the season there’ve been multiple accidents due to lack of care and attention based on road conditions.
People need to be aware of the consequences of non-winterized vehicles. Throughout the Sun Peaks village I’ve seen many vehicles that are unprepared for winter, most with all-season tires. The use of anything but winter tires or chains on local roads is ignorant and can prove dangerous. All visitors to the resort should be cognizant of the dangers to themselves as well as others.
I understand people want to arrive at the resort for a full day on the mountain but please take a little extra time and make sure that you’re not putting yourself or others at risk. This also goes for the people who live and work at Sun Peaks who don’t have winter tires and drive the Sun Peaks road at high speed, despite the conditions. It’s not something to be proud of and the number of people I’ve heard boasting about not having proper tires is one of the reasons I’m writing this letter.
To those who haven’t and won’t change their ways, please be mindful of those you put at risk including yourselves. For the people who’ve made the proper steps to ensure their safety as well as others on the road during the season, I thank you.
Cory Escott, Whitecroft

Editor’s note: Glen Escott was involved in a car accident that occurred on Highway 5 near Heffley Creek. The accident claimed the life of 14-year-old Nathan Floyd.

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