Mistakes — calamities or teachable moments


There seems to be a great deal of energy and anxiety around the issue of “mistakes.” I have noticed that we often judge ourselves and others quite severely when mistakes are made. What piqued my interest in this was how someone’s mood or state of mind could plummet so dramatically with what seemed like a simple accident, a slight error in … [Read more...]

Criticism and compliments, flip sides of the same coin

Quarter.flip sides

A few years ago a colleague and I were attending a workshop in Toronto and in the course of the conversation the subject of criticism came up. The question asked was, “How do you see criticism in terms of an inside-out reality? How do you not take it personally?” As we discussed the concept of impersonal thinking it became clear that our … [Read more...]

It’s just not fair


I was recently having a very interesting conversation with a friend when the subject of fairness came up. Fairness, which seems like a value that most of us would hold dear, evolved into a philosophical discussion that not only surprised me but led to a deeper insight about the inside-out nature of life. Fairness had been a cornerstone of my … [Read more...]